neighborhood grinds: south bay coffeehouse

Attention South Bay! There is a new coffee shop in town: Neighborhood Grinds (west of Rice Things on Artesia Blvd).  Good vibes, good people, and best of all, a pretty good short americano.  i haven't had one of those since God knows when, so when the owner suggested it, i was a bit hesitant, but he gave it to me for the price of a medium drip, so I thought, pretty good deal here.  He told me that the beans come from a local roaster (respect) and they had a nice flavor. Now, granted I have lost a lot of my ability to tell the really good espresso from the shitty ones, but I still can tell if it tastes good and delicious from gross, watery, bittery, and nasty.  And this one was smooth and when it was served to me, it had a nice buttery crema on top.  Yum. 

I sat for about 4 hours (I know I'm one of those customers) and used the bathroom about 3 times. So I started feeling bad for taking up some much breathing air, so I purchased a tea this time.  I went for an Earl Grey (I can get green tea back at home anytime).  Nothing special about the teas in my opinion, they were bagged and a brand I haven't heard of: Two Leaves and a Bud.  A bit stoney in name.  The perk about this place is that its right across the street from Salvation Army and Goodwill (this Goodwill sucks though), so I battled the rain and plowed right into Salvation.  Picked up a corduroy vest and a black leather bound journal for 3 dollars! Score.  

Plus, its open until 10p (which is decent for an after dinner hang out spot) with a patio for those nice balmy summer evenings coming up. I'll see you there. Cheers!

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