blah blahhhhhh

a sumo snack

word(s): blue purple tooth ache run across the landscape

thought(s): should i eat that spicy ramen bowl?

image(s): a stemmed crystal glass filled with a deep magenta wine, fingerprints across the glass where i once clutched it in my hand, sipping.

story: the world has no more food, so people, in their desperation and starvation, begin to eat the flesh. boiled, bbqed, stewed, and kabob. makes me never want to handle raw grounded meat again.

person: a boy, little, little about 7, two colorful tails poking out of his head, his hair was braided and beaded. he ran to take off his shoes and stick his feet into the feet massager. he spoke spanish and english and a little japanese. he has a younger sister that he teased.

today: the sky broke and the land was flooded with water.

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