obon dream

here is this dream i had.

it was prom night and everyone was dressed up to the 9s and 10s. Yet people (mostly the Asian ones that went to NHS) were walking in a huge circle around the inside of the Pacific Square parking lot, right in front of Sea Empress and the Sanrio store. They were all mingling and talking and giggling, so it seemed as if no one really noticed that they were walking "nowhere", just around and around again. I was just observing them from the outside, wondering why I wasn't dressed up, and why I wasn't "in" the circle... because unless I participated in the circle walking, and join them, then I was on the outside, just watching the spectacle, and trying to bait others to break free of the circle. Darrin Komae was there. He was dressed up, but walking slowly, and looking around him as if he was lost and a bit disorientated. So I grab his hand and pulled him out, and said, "Let's get out of here." But as we were running down the street, about to duck into a divey bar, someone called him on his cell phone and asked him to meet up with them across the street at a fancy hotel. It seemed as if he wanted to leave, so I told him to go meet up with them. He left, and I continued to sit.

The prom kids walking around a circle was like an obon. Everyone was doing the same movements, over and over again, and never seemed to question "why". They were performing only for the audience of the other "performers", and each person in the circle seemed to be judging the others to see if they were acting in the right way, or the appropriate way.

A old friend who goes by the name, FreeLance, was heard quoted:
"The only thing hard about growing up in Gardena was finding a group of friends."

And thats the truth.

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