i put this picture up to say "happy 2 year and 3 months of insanity and companionship".

i just came back from the 2nd day of traffic school. i learned that blue signs usually signify gas, lodging and food. did you know that? i had to go to traffic school because i got caught talking on the cell phone in Fullerton. the county of orange fines you and gives you t.s. but the county of LA only fines you. so if you are going to text or call someone, do it in LA.

i had a very inspiring and unexpected with a old friend from my junior high days (yikes! 11 years ago!) last night i was really low because i had forgotten the purpose behind my life and i was complaining to alex that it seemed all meaningless to me... so imagine my surprise that i find myself having a conversation the very next day about inspiring and gathering the like minded people together in a community located coffeehouse space. i guess the small details of actualizing our grand ideas really bog me down. its going to a process until our dream happens, but i'm hoping that it can be transformed to fit our many ideas (research library, community center, tutoring area, organizing area, coffee house, study nook, music venue, retail store, etc, etc, etc).

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