APIoPA in the South Bay

APIoPA is about healthy living and healthy lifestyles.

In traditional Japanese cooking, Nishime is stewed in a shoyu dashi, which has a high sodium content. It was Judy Sagami that introduced a baked Nishime, which used all of the veggies (renkon, carrots, daikon, kabocha, kabu, sato imo, etc), and provided a parsley, garlic, and walnut dipping pesto. We tried our hand at it.
Monica Sakata of APIoPA demonstrates a easy recipe for kabocha, the Japanese squash/pumpkin.

I learned to make a gobo and carrot dish. You have to julienne all of it by hand, so it takes a million years, but it is surely delicious. I added cayenne pepper for a little extra zing!

The reason that the Yonseis haven't learned all of this traditional cooking, is because our grandparents didn't teach our parents, who in term couldn't teach us. This is why we are taking it into our own hands to learn it.

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theFourthie said...

that looks DELicious!

Monica said...

yay apiopa!!! :) thanks ann!!