Free, if you tell me a meaningful story

A little over a year ago, I gave up many of my possessions. Alex and I just wanted a fresh start, a clean slate. Clothes was my big thing at the time. I had a closet full of stuff I didn't wear, like most people I know. So I got a huge trash bag and decide to get rid of it, once in for all. (I stole most of it at Buffalo Exchange, Hillcrest: if you remember something you liked...) At that point, I seriously owned 2 pair of jeans, and a couple of tees (one of them being my turquoise shark one that I can't get rid of for the life of me, I love it too much. Plus its soft).

oh, the green guy is Goober. He stays with me. He lived in Atlanta with me last year. Hopefully we'll see more of the world together. He says that Torrance isn't that bad for right now, at least its got good food.

So I gave up all my clothes. Alex gave up most of his CDs (he had a lot) and many of his movies. But books was the hard part. We stole a box of books to the local used bookstore for some petty cash (probably bought a tank of gas or something), but I feel that if I'm allowed one thing in over abundance, I'm going to go with books. Here's where the magic happens:

You are probably wondering why we got so into giving away our possessions... Check this. I bought a Louis Vuitton Black Leather wallet in 2005. I spent a ridiculous $550 on it. I struggled to pay rent for the next 2 months after that. I don't know what came over me to buy such a thing. My housemates at the time where big spenders, and perhaps I was trying to follow their suit.
I kept the wallet hidden in my closet. I didn't want to use it, in case I lost it. So I just never used it. When I decided to give away all of my possessions, the wallet was the first thing to pop into my mind. It weighed heavy upon me, and I valued this "thing" a lot. So I decided to give it away for free. My friend Van and I sat on lawn chairs in the middle of Library Walk. We had a whole collection of sorts, all for the selling price of 'Free' with exchange of a story. One girl came up to me and asked me if that was a real Louis Vuitton, and I said yes. It's free, I told her, if you tell me a meaningful story about yourself. She just tilted her head to the side, as if she didn't believe me, did a little half smile, and walked away. Soon this youngish guy, I'd say, 2nd year, came up and said he wanted the wallet. I said, sure, tell me a story. He pulled out his keyring and took off this "charm" and told me that this charm was given to him by his ex-girlfriend. After she broke up with me, he says, I couldn't get myself to get rid of it. Here, and he gave it to me. I looked at this charm in my hand, then I looked at this guy, and handed him the wallet.

I exhaled, and I was freed.

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