a good day

I asked Alex to describe me in 3 words. He chose:
1. Gentle
2. Artful
3. Empathetic

Strange he chose 'gentle' first. I like to imagine myself walking around with my fist in the air, screaming "Damn the Man!" and "Oh Sonny, Get up off that Money!" (perhaps too much Dead Prez/ BBP/ Malcolm X for me in my past life) but I guess in actuality I cruise in with my flower-mumu and slippers, smelling like persimmons and Sumo-dog, and talking about my dreams of being an inspirer. My brother Paul wants to be The Inspirer's Inspirer. Which makes me think that if everyone decided to be their Inspirer's Inspirer, then the world would start becoming an inspired world, and everyone would be doing what they love. As a great artist's backpack once said "Live what you love."

Reasons I'm inspired right now:
1. The 'zine has a name : FINGER FOODS
2. Postcard from Prayer Trairatvorakul

3. Saw some kick ass pottery today at the Pacific Asian Museum of Pasadena

4. A giant nutcracker and two small nutcrackers

5. Denny's now serves beer!

I almost got a nice ice cold one, but we opt for the Zesty Nachos instead.

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