front yards of the south bay

1. I need a job
2. Anything: Bottle Cap Smasher (check), Lunchtime server (check), Dishwasher (check)
3. I am willing to do anything... Notice the bottle cap smasher and dishwasher
4. Know of anything? Send me a holler!
5. So I went on a job hunt bike ride (picked up application at Marukai)

it was cold.
i bought a pink mochi (with lima filling- my fav) from Sakura-ya.

biking slows me down a lot, and i began to notice things i don't notice, when i'm speeding by in a car. Like what people put in the front yard space. Such variety. Take a look-see.
rustic on a busy street.

yes, a neighborhood lumber company

i still drive pass the dominguez channel on rainy days to see how high the water level gets. once the clump of new palm trees in the background... the city of gardena is spending the big bucks!

farm house on van ness. i swear its haunted...

bright blue paint, red flowers, and cat dragon statues.

cacti jungle

aloe, anyone?

you could get lost in there for days...


alex chiu said...

yay for ann the bicycle explorer

zo diggity said...

someone who lives in one of these houses is going to stumble upon this post one day and be like hey what the eff!?