thought process

this is torrance.
this is the city in which i live.
this is not the idyllic place, but its home.
there are some places in this world that i would rather be near...

like the napali coast-
breath taking...
if you don't believe in God, after seeing this,
then i don't know what will convince you of a Creator.

something in the water reminded me
of the art of tatau.
don't mind the toplessness.

how beautiful plants are.

this refreshes me.
that post-rained feeling.
as if i want to ride my bicycle down a gravel path,
only to find out that the shave ice man is closed
because business was slow because of the rain,
but its still hot and muggy
i'm still craving my lilikoi and ling hing mui shave ice!

maybe i'll make a quilt of taro plants one day...

i end with a nod and an
adieu to you and you.

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