rings and bling bling and all other removable things

i'm a sucker for rings.
perhaps this is me exposing my childhood fantasy of weddings and fairy tales.
i am also known for impulsive shopping,
but rings are a different story.
they are very personal,
and unique to each person.
they reflect your personality.
they can be showy,

but a person knows instantly whether they like a ring or not.

it just fits them.

this ring inspires me to do great things.
the shape represents a wave.
uncle alpha once told me that life is like surfing,
you got to have your feet firmly plantly,
but keep your knees bent
and flexible,
and just ride whatever wave comes.

jewelry tends to captivate me,
especially when i feel a connection with a certain piece.
i have an affinity to opals
because both of my grandmothers wore opal a lot.

how about a few pearls attached to gold olive branches?
Like a breath of fresh air.

perhaps my favorite out of the bunch.

everyone is so concerned about the indestructibleness of their rings,
but shouldn't the love be whats indestructible?
i found out tonight that each type of wood represents a special quality
(i.e. the wands in harry potter).
i like the deeper,
darker tones
like koa,
juniper heartwood,

wood stuffs

Birch gives the essence of truth. It is considered the 'giving tree'.

Walnut teaches us clarity and focus, using our mental gifts wisely and how to best use our intelligence.

Oak teaches us strength of character and how to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

Cherry teaches us the lessons of clearing the pain of the heart and relating to others in a compassionate manner. Cherry is the tree of the heart.

Pine is the tree of peace.

Ash is peace of mind and promotes good health.

Maple is the tree of offering, giving of one's self so that others may benefit.

the koa rings (beautiful)

other options:


Monica said...

hi!! hmm...i think i like the first ring best. i want to see it on the finger of a laughing young girl.

alex chiu said...

i'm reading your blog!!!