a family conversation

The reason I am attached to Ron,
is because he reminds me of my Dad.
Loyal, trustworthy, naive, good friend.
so its fitting that he's wand looks like this.
though sometimes i feel like Loony Luna Lovegood.

so, what would your wand be made of?

I said, I would have a hawaiian koa wood chopstick wand with a pigeon feather.
Dad said, he would have a wand with a sumo dog whisker.
Paul said, he would have an acacia wood wand with a peacock feather.
Monica said, her wand would have a silverly blond hair of a Veela (like Fleur Delacour's mother).
Alex said, his wand would be the bone of the horn of the unicorn with orange-flavored pez inside.

this one has a bit of quartz at the tip.

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theFourthie said...

my wand would be the handle of a blush brush with a curly hair as its core. vanity is the key word here.